Wenjun Tang

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Solar dimming and wind stilling (slowdown) are two outstanding climate changes occurred in China over the last four decades. The wind stilling may have suppressed the dispersion of aerosols and amplified the impact of aerosol emission on solar dimming. However, there is a lack of long-term aerosol monitoring and associated study in China to confirm this(More)
Given the multiple terrorist attacks that have occurred in recent years in China, medical rescue teams and specialized incident assessment teams have been established by the government; however, medical rescue after nuclear, biological, and chemical incidents remains challenging and is often inefficient. In the present article, problems were analyzed(More)
—The land surface on the Tibetan Plateau (TP) experiences diurnal and seasonal freeze/thaw processes that play important roles in the regional water and energy exchanges, and passive microwave satellites provide opportunities to detect the soil state for this region. With the support of three soil moisture and temperature networks on the TP, a dual-index(More)
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