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Scene classification is an important application field of multimedia information technology, whereas how to extract features from image is one of the key technologies in scene classification and recognition. A new method of extracting features is presented in this paper, it extracts features through gray level-gradient co-occurrence matrix in the(More)
The quantitative analysis of the airway tree is of critical importance in the CT-based diagnosis and treatment of popular pulmonary diseases. The extraction of airway centerline is a precursor to identify airway hierarchical structure, measure geometrical parameters, and guide visualized detection. Traditional methods suffer from extra branches and circles(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of dynamic hand gesture recognition from unaided video sequences. We present a novel approach based on motion trajectories of hands and hand shapes of the key frames. Firstly, the hand area is segmented by active skin color model. Then the hand motion trajectories are extracted with dynamic time warping(DTW) algorithm(More)
The increasingly wide range of applications of robot in production and living makes robots education imperative. In this paper, the "fire-fighting robots" is designed and implemented as a demonstration of robot technology education system using LEGO components. It shows the robot technology and popularizes robot related knowledge and provides a new platform(More)
Traditional Hessian multiscale filter consider only the local geometric feature but not the global grayscale information. In medical image analysis, Hessian filter is usually used to enhance the blood vessels. However, it also produces some pseudo vascular structures or some isolate noise points, such as the nasal soft tissues that have the similar shape(More)
Shape representation is a very important issue in computer vision and pattern recognition. This paper presents a novel shape representation algorithm based on equilateral polygonal approximation. Firstly, the problem and definition of equilateral polygonal approximation are presented in this paper. Then a new equilateral polygonal approximation method based(More)
Aim at the faults of the traditional background difference method based on Bayes Rule when detects motion hand gestures, such as the existence of interference regions, slow computing speed and so on. A method of dynamic hand gesture detection based on local background updates and skin color model is proposed in this paper. The skin color region in a single(More)
The hand gesture is the most common and natural way for human daily interaction. In this paper, we propose a novel approach to hand extraction based on active skin color model. The skin color model is first built by the non-linear transformation in YCbCr color space. Then the obtained model is applied to hand segmentation. Hand feature is extracted by(More)
In this paper, a novel fully automatic method of extraction of lung parenchyma is presented. Combining the iterative gray-level thresholds selection and the pulmonary regions extraction with error detection in 2D image, seed points and threshold are fast determined. In consequence, the pulmonary airspace is detected with 3D region growing method. Two steps(More)