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Uncontrolled variable-bit-rate (VBR) coded video yields consistent picture quality, but the traffic stream is very bursty. When sent over ATM networks, cell losses may be incurred due to limited buffer capacity at the switches; this could cause severe picture quality degradation. Source rate control can be implemented to generate a controlled VBR bit stream(More)
Along with variant advantages, the cloud storage gained great attention from both industry and academics since 2007. However, it also brings new challenges in creating a secure and reliable data storage and access facility over insecure or unreliable service providers. The integrity of data stored in the cloud is one of the challenges to be addressed before(More)
Private-preserving shared dot product protocol is an important protocol of many secure multi-party computation problems. It has been the main building block of various data mining algorithms with privacy concerns, and providing fundamental security guarantee for many privacy-preserving data mining algorithms. In this paper, we construct a privacy-preserving(More)
The growth of the Internet has triggered tremendous opportunities for cooperative computation, where people are jointly conducting computation tasks based on the private inputs they each supply. These computations could occur between mutually untrusted parties, or even between competitors. Today, to conduct such computations, one entity must usually know(More)
Public key encryption with keyword search (PKES) enables senders to send encrypted data to a Freceiver like traditional public key encryption (PKE) schemes. The difference between PKES and PKE is that the receiver in PKES can search on the encrypted data which is stored on the third-party server (like a cloud storage server). As far as we know, most of the(More)
In this paper, ambient calculus and ambient logics are introduced. Then we describe 3GPP authentication and key agreement protocol (AKA). This protocol’s goals are formally analyzed using ambient calculus. And we verified this protocol’s goals using Ambient Logics. It shows that AKA protocol can achieve successfully the goals of(More)