Wenjun Liang

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A a “close-to-nature” approach for carbon sinks, planted forests (afforestation and reforestation) have a priority to combat climate change in China. During the past decade, the Chinese government invested billions of dollars in a large-scale tree-planting (e.g., the Six Key Forestry Programs). At the U. N. Climate Summit (New York, 2009), Hu, China’s(More)
C the largest developing country and the most populous country, is now the second largest economy in the world. Due to the fastest economic growth (10% annually) among the major nations, China is always heralded as an economic superstar. However, China is not as prosperous and harmonious as it seems. In fact, there are tens of million people in poverty(More)
The Qehan Lake Basin (QLB) and its system of lakes are located in a marginal monsoon zone and are extremely sensitive to global climate change. In this paper, using aerial photographs from different periods, in addition to MSS, TM, and ETM images, and combining these with regional topographic maps, we analyze lake area changes from 1958 to 2010 and the(More)
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