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In the domain of computer security, how to enhance the speed of RSA algorithm has been the research hot spot. With the recent tremendous increase in Graphics Processing Unit's computing capability as a co-processor of the CPU, Nvidia’s Compute Unified Device Architecture (CUDA) can greatly benefit single instruction multiple thread styled,(More)
One of the major challenges in cloud computing and data centers is the energy conservation and emission reduction. Accurate prediction algorithms are essential for building energy efficient storage systems in cloud computing. In this paper, we first propose a Three-State Disk Model (3SDM), which can describe the service quality and energy consumption states(More)
Honeynet research has become more important as a way to overcome the limitations imposed by the use of individual honeypots. A honeynet can be defined as a network of honeypots following certain topology. Although there are at present many existing honeynet solutions, no taxonomies have been proposed in order to classify them. In this paper, we propose such(More)
—A honeypot is a type of security facility deliberately created to be probed, attacked and compromised. It is often used for protecting production systems by detecting and deflecting unauthorized accesses. It is also useful for investigating the behaviour of attackers, and in particular, unknown attacks. For the past 17 years much effort has been invested(More)
OBJECTIVE The prevalence of diabetes mellitus (DM) is increasing rapidly, particularly in Asia. Asian immigrants in Western countries are a fast-growing population who carry both intrinsic risks due to their genetic background and extrinsic risks associated with Western lifestyles. However, recent trends in diabetes prevalence and associated risk factors(More)
Several languages have been proposed for the task of describing networks of systems, either to help on managing, simulate or deploy testbeds for testing purposes. However, there is no one specifically designed to describe the honeynets, covering the specific characteristics in terms of applications and tools included in the honeypot systems that make the(More)