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Ontology is the backbone of Semantic Web. Ontology has drawn more and more concerns with the research works developing in the Semantic Web. The construction of large-scale ontologies will involve collaborative efforts of multiple developers. In this paper, we give a demonstration of our Cooperative Ontology Development Environment CODE and discuss a demo(More)
Motion objects detection is a process of segmenting the motion objects or regions from the rest of the sequent images. This paper presents an approach to motion objects detection by applying wavelet clustering with frame difference, which satisfies some requirements of rapid motion objects detection. By analyzing adjacent frame difference results and(More)
Complex nonlinear economic dynamics in a Cournot duopoly model proposed by M. Kopel is studied in detail in this work. By utilizing the topological horseshoe theory proposed by Yang XS, the authors detect the topological horseshoe chaotic dynamics in the Cournot duopoly model for the first time, and also give the rigorous computer-assisted verification for(More)
The paper analyzes a new hyper-chaotic Lü attractor which has rich and complex dynamical behaviors, by utilizing Lyapunov exponent spectrum, bifurcation diagram and phase portraits. And the local bifurcation is investigated by the centre manifold theorem. With the variation of parameters, the system will undergo pitchfork bifurcation and Hopf(More)
The current famous topological horseshoe theory is applied to an SEIR epidemic model with sinusoidally varying contact rate. For the first time, a rigorous computer-assisted verification of the existence of horseshoe chaos in this SEIR model is presented, which implies that chaos does exist from a theoretical and mathematical viewpoint other than the purely(More)