Wenjuan Sheng

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We present a new approach for modeling background in complex scenes that contain unpredicted motions caused e.g. by wind over water surface, in tree branches, or over the grass. The background model of each pixel is defined based on the observation of its spatial neighborhood in a recent history, and includes up to K ≥ 1 $K \ge 1$ modes, which defines the(More)
As a generalization of classical Fourier Transformation (FT), the fractional Fourier transform (FrFT) outperforms many analysis techniques with its higher timefrequency resolution, but it is quite new to be employed into the track irregularity signal processing. In this paper, we simulate the data of the high-speed train’s track, according to the data from(More)
This paper presents the design of a control system for sensorless brushless DC motor. The system directly extracts the true back EMF zero crossing point by detecting the voltage difference between the floating phase terminal and the midpoint in the DC link. The commutation signal of the floating phase is obtained by lagging the back EMF zero crossing point(More)
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