Wenjuan Gao

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As a biomaterial, chitosan has been widely used in tissue engineering, wound healing, drug delivery, and other biomedical applications. It can be formulated in a variety of forms, such as powder, film, sphere, gel, and fiber. These features make chitosan an almost ideal biomaterial in cell culture applications, and cell cultures arguably constitute the most(More)
BACKGROUND Regulatory T (Treg) cells can be induced with DNA vaccinations and protect mice from the development of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE), a mouse model of multiple sclerosis (MS). Tacrolimus (FK506) has been shown to have functions on inducing immunosuppression and augmenting apoptosis of pathologic T cells in autoimmune disease.(More)
Protein vaccines combined with adjuvants have been widely used to induce immune responses, especially the humoral immune response, against molecular targets including parasites. Follicular T helper (Tfh) cells are the specialized providers of B-cell help, however, the induction of Tfh cells in protein vaccination has been rarely studied. Here, we report(More)
BACKGROUND Vaccination could induce immune tolerance and protected NOD mice from the development of type I diabetes (T1D). We previously demonstrated that insulin peptide (B9-23) combined with dexamethasone (DEX) stimulated the expansion of antigen specific regulatory T (Treg) cells which in turn effectively prevented T1D in NOD mice. Here, we aimed to(More)
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