Wenjing Zeng

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Single-site-access (SSA) laparoscopy is more challenging to perform than multiport (MP) laparoscopy. This study examined the effect of MP versus SSA skills training on laparoscopic performance using surgically naive medical students. For the study, 40 medical students at the end of their first year were randomized into two groups. Both groups were trained(More)
BACKGROUND Dedicated skills courses may help to prepare 4th-year medical students for surgical internships. The purpose of this study was to analyze the factors that influence the preparedness of 4th-year medical students planning a surgical career, and the role that our skills course plays in that preparedness. METHODS A comprehensive skills course for(More)
BACKGROUND Despite advances in microsurgery, digit replantation now is performed less frequently in the U.S. compared with fifteen years ago. There has been uncertainty regarding whether previously reported U.S. replantation success rates and results reported from other countries reflect the current experience in the U.S. We hypothesized that the success of(More)
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