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This paper addresses flower image classification. The extent of blossom, deformation and inter-class appearance blur of flowers add great difficulties to flower classification task in addition to view, color, illumination changes that commonly occurred in other objects classification tasks. In this paper, SIFT-like feature descriptors and feature context(More)
A fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) platform for the detection of ozone was developed by combining the overlap of the fluorescence spectrum of Ru(bpy)3(2+)-doped silica nanoparticles with the absorption spectrum of indigo carmine at around 600 nm. This FRET system can be used to detect ozone simply within 10 min. Simple qualitative ozone(More)
The destination of a traditional robot navigation task is usually a static location. However, many real life applications require a robot to continuously identify and find its way toward a non-static target, e.g., following a walking person. In this paper, we present a navigation framework for this task which is based on simultaneous navigation and(More)
Risk assessment and quantification is crucial to the effectiveness of information security measure deployed in an organization. A dynamic risk assessment process is presented in this paper to cope with the variation and diversity of threats in the information system. To give a clear perspective of the information risk without confusing by the complexity of(More)
An example-based floral pattern generation approach is proposed in this paper to improve the aesthetic design ability of computer, which will enable user’s simple draft to be converted to an aesthetic pattern with a few interactions. The proposed approach commences with introducing artists work into the system by example patterns they drew.(More)
A novel object tracking method based on RGB-D camera is proposed to handle fast appearance change, occlusion, background clutter which may arise for vision-based robot navigation. It makes use of appearance and depth information that are complementary to each other in visual perception to get robust tracking. First, RGB image and depth information are(More)
A novel shape recognition method based on fuzzy distance measure is proposed. A fuzzy set is defined on the feature vector space according to each training class, so the distance between an unknown shape and the class centroid is measured by a fuzzy distance based on the membership function. Another significant contribution of this paper is the method of(More)
  • Solomon Kim, Scott Levi, +13 authors Helena Yoon
  • 2011
The goal of the Columbia Undergraduate Law Review is to provide Columbia University and the public with an opportunity for the discussion of law-related ideas and the publication of undergraduate legal scholarship. It is our mission to enrich the academic life of our undergraduate community by providing a forum where intellectual debate, augmented by(More)
A case-based pattern design method is proposed to translate an image into a pattern of certain style. The method has two phases. Pattern style and knowledge are learned in case-learning phase, case mapping database and rule database are results of this phase and will serve as memory unit and logical unit respectively. In design phase, user designates the(More)
OBJECTIVE Aortic surgeries requiring hypothermic circulatory arrest evoke systemic inflammatory responses that often manifest as vasoplegia and hypotension. Because mast cells can rapidly release vasoactive and proinflammatory effectors, we investigated their role in intraoperative hypotension. METHODS We studied 31 patients undergoing proximal aortic(More)