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Microarrays have emerged as the premier tool for studying gene expression on a genomic scale. Advances in the precision of array printers and scanners as well as improved laboratory protocols (11) allow for assays of tremendous complexity and scope. Scientists seeking to harness the potential of this technique are often challenged by the large quantities of(More)
BACKGROUND Prostate cancer is characterized by heterogeneity in the clinical course that often does not correlate with morphologic features of the tumor. Metastasis reflects the most adverse outcome of prostate cancer, and to date there are no reliable morphologic features or serum biomarkers that can reliably predict which patients are at higher risk of(More)
We analyze online gaming as a site of collaboration in a digital-physical hybrid. We ground our analysis in findings from an ethnographic study of the online game World of Warcraft in China. We examine the interplay of collaborative practices across the physical environment of China's Internet cafes and the virtual game space of World of Warcraft. Our(More)
OBJECTIVE Lack of physical activity (PA) is common in patients with chronic insomnia. Studies to increase PA and decrease sedentary behavior in those patients are limited. Therefore, we investigated the efficacy of "PA counseling combined with sleep restriction (SR) therapy (PASR)" vs only SR in the patients with chronic insomnia. METHODS Seventy-one(More)
AIMS Numerous studies have suggested that transfusion of red blood cells (RBCs) stored over a long period of time may induce harmful effects due to storage-induced lesions. However, the underlying mechanisms responsible for this damage have not been identified. Furthermore, it is unclear why and how up to 30% of long-stored RBCs disappear from the(More)