Wenjing Liang

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Prostate cancer is characterized by heterogeneity in the clinical course that often does not correlate with morphologic features of the tumor. Metastasis reflects the most adverse outcome of prostate cancer, and to date there are no reliable morphologic features or serum biomarkers that can reliably predict which patients are at higher risk of developing(More)
We analyze online gaming as a site of collaboration in a digital-physical hybrid. We ground our analysis in findings from an ethnographic study of the online game World of Warcraft in China. We examine the interplay of collaborative practices across the physical environment of China's Internet cafes and the virtual game space of World of Warcraft. Our(More)
The effect of different amplification and labeling methods on DNA microarray expression results has not been previously delineated. To analyze the variation associated with widely accepted T7-based RNA amplificationand labeling methods, aliquots of the Stratagene Human Universal Reference RNA were labeled using three eukaryotic target preparation methods(More)
Change detection techniques are widely used in environmental monitoring, however, the issue of best suitability of change detection techniques for a specific application, even study area is still unanswered. In case of reconstruction monitoring, difference-based change detection methods are compared and evaluated in detecting changes on the study area Banda(More)
OBJECTIVE Lack of physical activity (PA) is common in patients with chronic insomnia. Studies to increase PA and decrease sedentary behavior in those patients are limited. Therefore, we investigated the efficacy of "PA counseling combined with sleep restriction (SR) therapy (PASR)" vs only SR in the patients with chronic insomnia. METHODS Seventy-one(More)
It is often advantageous to acquire groundpenetrating radar (GPR) measurements from antennas that are offset from the air-ground interface by a nonnegligible distance, either because the ground surface is rough, or because measurements must be collected remotely [4], for example, the detection of buried landmines. In this case, the GPR antenna(s) must be(More)