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a r t i c l e i n f o a b s t r a c t This study examines the persuasive effect and awareness effect of online user reviews on movies' daily box office performance. In contrast to earlier studies that take online user reviews as an exogenous factor, we consider reviews both influencing and influenced by movie sales. The consideration of the endogenous(More)
Online users often need to make adoption decisions without accurate information about the product values. An informa-tional cascade occurs when it is optimal for an online user, having observed others' actions, to follow the adoption deci-1 Carol Saunders was the accepting senior editor for this paper. sion of the preceding individual without regard to his(More)
C ompanies have increasingly advocated social media technologies to transform businesses and improve organizational performance. This study scrutinizes the predictive relationships between social media and firm equity value, the relative effects of social media metrics compared with conventional online behavioral metrics, and the dynamics of these(More)
BACKGROUND Americans increasingly post and consult online physician rankings, yet we know little about this new phenomenon of public physician quality reporting. Physicians worry these rankings will become an outlet for disgruntled patients. OBJECTIVE To describe trends in patients' online ratings over time, across specialties, to identify what physician(More)
A majority of social network research deals with explicitly formed social networks. Although only rarely acknowledged for its existence, we believe that implicit social networks play a significant role in the overall dynamics of social networks. We propose a framework to evaluate the dynamics and characteristics of a set of explicit and associated implicit(More)