Wenjin Zhu

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This paper proposes a deterioration model which considers two mechanisms of system deterioration: wear and shock, both affected by environmental conditions. The deterioration is modeled by the sum of wear and cumulative shocks, where the wear damage is modeled by a non-stationary Gamma process and the random shock damage is modeled by a generalized Pareto(More)
Based on the modeling of the deterioration of a bladedue to the intrinsic randomness, random shock, random load and dynamic environment, this paper proposes a predictive maintenance policy considering the leading time caused by preparing the maintenance action. The evaluation of the proposed maintenance policy is realized by Monte-Carlo simulation and the(More)
This paper presents a higher-order multivariate Markov chain model combined with particle swarm optimization algorithm. Due to some deficiencies, such as only considering the maximum probability while ignoring the effect of the other probabilities, the traditional method of probability distribution has been replaced by the level characteristics value of(More)
The aim of this paper is to predict the inventory of the relevant upstream enterprises in supply chain. The support vector machine, a novel artificial intelligence-based method developed from statistical learning theory, is adopted herein to establish a short-term stage forecasting model. However, take the fact into account that demand signal is affected by(More)
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