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This study was conducted to characterize the vertical distribution of bacterial and archaeal communities in the water and sediment of Lake Taihu, which underwent a change in trophic status from oligotrophic to hypertrophic in last half of the 20th century. The results revealed that the bacterial communities in different layers of sediment sample were very(More)
The phylogenetic composition of a bacterial community from a hypertrophic freshwater lake in China was investigated by sequencing cloned 16S rRNA genes. Three hundred and thirty-six bacterial clones from four clone libraries in different months (March, May, July and September in 2004) were classified into 142 operational taxonomic units, most of which were(More)
Hierarchically structured materials have special properties and possess potential in applications in the catalytic and electrochemical fields. Herein, two kinds of hierarchical core-shell nanostructures, lavender-like α-MnO2@α-MnO2 and balsam pear-like α-MnO2@γ-MnO2, were prepared by a facile room-temperature method using α-MnO2 nanowires as a backbone(More)
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