Wenjie Zeng

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BACKGROUND Developed countries use generic competition to contain pharmaceutical expenditure. China, as a developing and transitional country, has not yet deemed an increase in the use of generic products as important; otherwise, much effort has been made to decrease the drug prices. This paper aims to explore dynamically the price and use comparison of(More)
During Bacillus subtilis sporulation, segregating sister chromosomes are anchored to cell poles and the chromosome is remodeled into an elongated structure called the axial filament. Data indicate that a developmentally regulated protein called RacA is involved in these functions. To gain insight into how RacA performs these diverse processes we performed a(More)
BACKGROUND Pharmaceutical expenditure is currently rising by 16% per annum in China, greater in recent years. Initiatives to moderate growth include drug pricing regulations, essential medicine lists and encouraging generic prescribing. These are principally concentrated in hospitals, which currently account for over 80% of total pharmaceutical expenditure.(More)
Few reports have explored laparoscopic adnexal tumorectomy as a treatment for large and symptomatic ovarian leiomyomas during pregnancy. The current study presents the case of a patient with a large and symptomatic ovarian leiomyoma at 14 weeks of pregnancy. A laparoscopic adnexal tumorectomy was performed without complications. The laparoscopic management(More)
To assess the feasibility and safety of laparoscopic myomectomy without coagulation for uterine corpus leiomyoma between 4 and 9 cm in diameter with types 2–5. A total of 109 patients with uterine corpus myoma, single or multiple, between 4 and 9 cm in diameter with types from 2 to 5 were included who underwent laparoscopic myomectomy without using any(More)
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