Wenjie Yuan

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People may have problems in finding their way to destinations in large buildings. This raises a need of designing and constructing indoor navigation systems. However, none of the available indoor navigation models can automatically calculate shortest paths according to the geometric structure of indoor space. The reasons are that those models which use(More)
Besides topological relations and approximate relations, cardinal directions have turned out to be an important class of qualitative spatial relations. In spatial databases and GIS they are frequently used as selection criteria in spatial queries. But the available models of cardinal relations suffer from a number of problems like the unequal treatment of(More)
Besides topological relationships and approximate relationships, <i>cardinal directions</i> like <i>north</i> and <i>southwest</i> have turned out to be an important class of qualitative spatial relationships. They are of interdisciplinary interest in fields like cognitive science, robotics, artificial intelligence, and qualitative spatial reasoning. In(More)
With the prevalence of car navigation systems, indoor navigation systems are increasingly attracting attention in the indoor research area. However, the available models for indoor navigation suffer from the problems that architectural constraints are not considered, route planning is only based on 2D planes, users are represented as points without(More)
Range query processing is an important technology in spatial databases. Current studies mainly focus on range queries in outdoor space based on the Euclidean or network distances, but rarely any approach is proposed for indoor space. In this paper, we present two network-based approaches to supporting stationary range queries and continuous range queries(More)
BACKGROUND Ethanol production from non-crop materials, such as Jerusalem artichokes, would make a great contribution to the energy industry. The non-conventional yeast, Kluyveromyces marxianus, is able to carry out ethanol fermentation of sugar molecules obtained from inulin-containing materials by consolidated bioprocessing. Lower inulin concentrations and(More)
The microbial contamination of central air conditioning system is one of the important factors that affect the indoor air quality. Actual measurement and analysis were carried out on microbial contamination in central air conditioning system at a venue in Dalian, China. Illumina miseq method was used and three fungal samples of two units were analysed by(More)
BACKGROUND Bioethanol from lignocellulosic materials is of great significance to the production of renewable fuels due to its wide sources. However, multiple inhibitors generated from pretreatments represent great challenges for its industrial-scale fermentation. Despite the complex toxicity mechanisms, lignocellulose-derived inhibitors have been reported(More)
BACKGROUND Glucocorticoids (GCs) are widely used to treat sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) and significantly improve hearing. However, GC insensitivity has been observed in some patients of SSNHL. OBJECTIVE To study the correlation between GR expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and in the cochlea of guinea pigs at mRNA and(More)