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Web application modeling and implementation method are related with middleware platform tightly, and its models usually can’t be reused on different platform. In order to reuse web application models, it is necessary to raise the level of abstraction of models, constructing middleware platform independent models. Roles are meant to capture observable(More)
Bridging pattern refers to the separation of the abstract section and implementation section. Using this pattern these sections can changing independently. So this design pattern can be well used in information system. This paper take a information system for example in order to show how to use this pattern in information system, and the advantages of(More)
This paper examines the impact of foreign ownership on stock return volatility in China A stock markets. Foreign investors will be divided into two categories, we show that mutual fund ownership is negatively related to stock return volatility. We also demonstrate that the measures of foreign ownership in this paper differ substantially from the measure(More)
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