Wenjie Si

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OBJECTIVE To evaluate the precision of digital impressions taken under simulated clinical impression taking conditions with TRIOS and to compare with the precision of extraoral digitalizations. METHODS Six #14-#17 epoxy resin dentitions with extracted #16 tooth preparations embedded were made. For each artificial dentition, (1)a silicone rubber impression(More)
Large-scale growth of low-cost, efficient, and durable non-noble metal-based electrocatalysts for water splitting is crucial for future renewable energy systems. Atomic layer deposition (ALD) provides a promising route for depositing uniform thin coatings of electrocatalysts, which are useful in many technologies, including the splitting of water. In this(More)
Two-dimensional (2D) nanoscale oxides have attracted research interest owing to their electronic, magnetic optical and catalytic properties. If they could be manufactured on a large scale, 2D oxides would be attractive for applications ranging from electronics to energy conversion and storage. Herein, we report facile fabrication of oxide nanosheets by(More)
In this study, the accuracy (precision and trueness) of digital impressions and the fitness of single crowns manufactured based on digital impressions were evaluated. #14-17 epoxy resin dentitions were made, while full-crown preparations of extracted natural teeth were embedded at #16. (1) To assess precision, deviations among repeated scan models made by(More)
The internal frequencies of chain network of FHN neurons include two different frequencies, namely, the intrinsic and Canard frequency. When the frequency of external stimuli approaches to the values of these two frequencies, signal processing in the chain will be enhanced. In traditional medical of Chinese acupuncture, signals evoked by different(More)
Intermodulation and harmonics are important in frequency analysis of nonlinear systems. In neuron research, most investigations are taken in studying synchronization between the external stimuli and the output of neuron, but harmonics and intermodulation are often ignored. In this paper, harmonics and intermodulation of the subthreshold FitzHugh-Nagumo(More)
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