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Due to privacy law and motivation of business interests, privacy is concerned and has become an important issue in data mining. This paper explores the issue of privacy-preserving distributed association rule mining in vertically partitioned data among multiple parties, and proposes a collusion-resistant algorithm of distributed association rule mining(More)
Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) has a high mortality rate. To determine the molecular basis of ESCC development, this study sought to identify characteristic genome-wide alterations in ESCC, including exonic mutations and structural alterations. The clinical implications of these genetic alterations were also analyzed. Exome sequencing and(More)
In conventional inspection algorithms, thresholds are usually decided by estimation during several experiments. The decision made by this labor intensive, and therefore costly, procedure often also involves subjective judgments. A thresholding algorithm based on mean-pseudo-trough is proposed taking full consideration of the characteristics of surface mount(More)
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