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We introduce a local image statistic for identifying noise pixels in images corrupted with impulse noise of random values. The statistical values quantify how different in intensity the particular pixels are from their most similar neighbors. We continue to demonstrate how this statistic may be incorporated into a filter designed to remove additive Gaussian(More)
It is well known that in applied and computational mathematics, cardinal B-splines play an important role in geometric modeling (in computeraided geometric design), statistical data representation (or modeling), solution of differential equations (in numerical analysis), and so forth. More recently, in the development of wavelet analysis, cardinal B-splines(More)
The notion of vanishing-moment recovery (VMR) functions is introduced in this paper for the construction of compactly supported tight frames with two generators having the maximum order of vanishing moments as determined by the given refinable function, such as the mth order cardinal B-spline Nm. Tight frames are also extended to “sibling frames” to allow(More)
During CNS development, cell migrations play an important role, adding to the cellular complexity of different regions. Earlier studies have shown a robust migration of cells from basal forebrain into the overlying dorsal forebrain during the embryonic period. These immigrant cells include GABAergic neurons that populate the cerebral cortex and hippocampus.(More)
The notion of tight (wavelet) frames could be viewed as a generalization of orthonormal wavelets. By allowing redundancy, we gain the necessary flexibility to achieve such properties as “symmetry” for compactly supported wavelets and, more importantly, to be able to extend the classical theory of spline functions with arbitrary knots to a new theory of(More)
BACKGROUND & PURPOSE Loperamide is a selective µ opioid receptor agonist acting locally in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract as an effective anti-diarrhoeal but can cause constipation. We tested whether modulating µ opioid receptor agonism with δ opioid receptor antagonism, by combining reference compounds or using a novel compound ('MuDelta'), could(More)