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In this paper, four tense operators E, F, G, H, are introduced into LP(X), then extend a lattice-valued propositional logic system to lattice-valued tense propositional logic system LTP(X). In this system, some definitions including generalized literal, T-skolem standard form, are given out. Based on these work, several conclusions about resolution(More)
We demonstrate that a tensor product structure and classical entanglement can be obtained by introducing pseudorandom phase sequences into classical fields with two orthogonal modes. Using the classical entanglement, we discuss efficient simulation of several typical quantum states, including product state, Bell states, GHZ state, and W state. By performing(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of a embedded processor, xCore_AHB, featuring precise interrupt and exception, which is compatible with ARMv4 architecture. The precise exception mechanism of this design provides not only the quick entrance of the interrupt handle programs but also the interrupt handle programs with the right return address(More)
Truth degree and falsity degree of intuitionistic fuzzy proposition are two truth values with linguistic hedge. In this paper, we constructed linguistic truth-valued intuitionistic propositional logic (LTV-IP) based on linguistic truth-valued lattice implication algebra (LIA) which can express both the comparable and incomparable truth values. Some logic(More)
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