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The cross-media retrieval problem has received much attention in recent years due to the rapid increasing of multimedia data on the Internet. A new approach to the problem has been raised which intends to match features of different modalities directly. In this research, there are two critical issues: how to get rid of the heterogeneity between different(More)
In order to achieve automatic and more intelligent service composition, dynamic description logic (DDL) is proposed and utilized as one emerging logic-level solution. However, reasoning optimization and utilization in such DDL-related solutions is still an open problem. In this paper, we propose the context-aware reasoning-based service agent model (CARSA)(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are attractive for monitoring and gathering physical information (e.g. temperature) via lots of deployed sensors. For the applications in WSNs, Web service is one of the recommended frameworks to publish, invoke, and manage services. However, the standard Web service description language (WSDL), defines only the service input(More)
Dynamic description logic (DDL) is among the few emerging service composition solutions through logical reasoning. To overcome low efficiency and lacking context-aware support of DDL reasoning, we propose a new DDL-based service composition model, which supports context-based service pre-filtering over DDL reasoning space. The pre-filtering runs under the(More)