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The aim of antenna array synthesis is to achieve a desired radiation pattern with the minimum number of antenna elements. In this paper the antenna synthesis problem is studied from a totally new perspective. One of the key principles of compressive sensing is that the signal to be sensed should be sparse or compressible. This coincides with the requirement(More)
A novel real-time through-wall imaging (TWI) algorithm with autofocusing ability in the presence of wall ambiguities is proposed in this paper. The spectrum Green’s function is employed to formulate the TWI algorithm, where the fast Fourier transform can be used to reconstruct the image in a very short computation time. The complex scattering process due to(More)
A novel full polarimetric beamforming algorithm for Through-the-wall imaging (TWI) is proposed in this paper. The far field layered medium Green's functions are incorporated in the beamformer for the quad-polarizations (VV, HV, VH and HH). Due to the incorporation of the layered medium Green's function, the imaging algorithm not only takes into account the(More)
In this paper a three-dimensional (3D) diffraction tomographic algorithm is proposed for real-time through-the-wall radar imaging (TWRI). The spectral expansion of the three-layered medium dyadic Green’s function is employed to derive a linear relation between the spatial Fourier transforms of the image and the scattered field. Then the image can be(More)