Wenji Zhang

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A novel full polarimetric beamforming algorithm for Through-the-wall imaging (TWI) is proposed in this paper. The far field layered medium Green's functions are incorporated in the beamformer for the quad-polarizations (VV, HV, VH and HH). Due to the incorporation of the layered medium Green's function, the imaging algorithm not only takes into account the(More)
In this paper a three-dimensional (3D) diffraction tomographic algorithm is proposed for real-time through-the-wall radar imaging (TWRI). The spectral expansion of the three-layered medium dyadic Green's function is employed to derive a linear relation between the spatial Fourier transforms of the image and the scattered field. Then the image can be(More)
Nanoparticles designed with high electric conductivity and magnetic permeability are injected into oil reservoirs to enhance fluid flow monitoring. The movement of nanoparticles with the flow in a porous medium can be modeled by solving the flow transport equation. In this research, the three-dimensional spectral-element time-domain method based on(More)