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BACKGROUND Esophageal cancer (EC) is the eighth most prevalent malignant tumor and the sixth leading cause of cancer mortality throughout the world. Despite the technical developments in diagnosis and treatment, the 5-year survival rate is still low. The etiology of EC remains poorly understood; multiple risk factors may be involved and account for the(More)
A superhydrophobic magnesium (Mg) alloy surface was successfully fabricated via a facile electrochemical machining process, and subsequently covered with a fluoroalkylsilane (FAS) film. The surface morphologies and chemical compositions were investigated using a scanning electron microscope (SEM) equipped with an energy-dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) and a(More)
Marine oil spills seriously endanger sea ecosystems and coastal environments, resulting in a loss of energy resources. Environmental and economic demands emphasize the need for new methods of effectively separating oil-water mixtures, while collecting oil content at the same time. A new surface-tension-driven, gravity-assisted, one-step, oil-water(More)
Automatic detection and precise localization of human eye centers are the essential processes in photo related multimedia applications. Since eye center points are used as reference base points for further intelligent processing, precise eye center localization is very important. In face recognition the accuracy of localization of eye centers directly(More)
Patterns with controllable adhesion on superhydrophobic areas have various biomedical and chemical applications. Electrolyte jet machining technique (EJM), an electrochemical machining method, was firstly exploited in constructing dimples with various profiles on the superhydrophobic Al alloy surface using different processing parameters. Sliding angles of(More)
A Fast Codeword Search Algorithm for Split-dimension Vector Quantization based on the Sequence of Characteristic Value is proposed. Firstly, an improved PSO (Particle Swarm Optimization)method is adopted to design split-dimension vector codebook in LCT (Local Cosine Transform) domain. Before coding, for each splitted vector( a vector splitted into a few(More)
BACKGROUND Systemic inflammatory parameters, such as the elevator PLR (platelet-lymphocyte ratio), the NLR (neutrophil-lymphocyte ratio) and the platelet count (PLT), have been found to be associated with the prognosis in gastric cancer; however, these results, especially those relating to the PLR, remain inconsistent. So we aimed to evaluate the prognostic(More)
Plasma hydrophilizing of superhydrophobic substrates has become an important area of research, for example, superhydrophobic-(super)hydrophilic patterned surfaces have significant practical applications such as lab-on-chip systems, cell adhesion, and control of liquid transport. However, the stability of plasma-induced hydrophilicity is always considered as(More)
Spontaneous pumpless transportation (SPT) of liquids has generated tremendous demands in microfluidic systems and advanced devices. However, the transportation of nonpolar organic liquids on open platforms underwater remains a challenge because most existing SPT systems are only designed for use in air. Here, we report a surface-tension-driven SPT system to(More)