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As most Web sites are designed for desktop PCs, it is extremely uncomfortable to browse these large pages on a mobile handheld device with small screen and limited user interface. By referring to thumbnail view concept, VIPS (vision based page segmentation) method and AJAX, which is core technology of web2.0, a dynamic Web page adaptation for mobile device(More)
Flash caching has emerged as a promising solution to the scalability problems of storage systems by using fast flash memory devices as the cache for slower primary storage. But its adoption faces serious obstacles due to the limited capacity and endurance of flash devices. This paper presents CacheDedup, a solution that addresses these limitations using(More)
In mobile computing environments, as handheld devicespsila small-screen, limited computing ability and capacity of storage, consumers still experience difficulties when browsing the Web on such devices. Some researches focus on how to adapt a normal Web page to handheld device. Meanwhile, it is necessary to put existing Web adaptation engines into practice.(More)
Young breast cancer occupies a higher and higher proportion of breast cancer, especially in Asia, and is associated with a more unfavorable prognosis compared with the disease arising in older women. However, the poor prognosis of young breast cancer cannot be fully explained by the clinical and molecular factors. This study investigated 1125 Chinese breast(More)
Mobile handheld devices, as small-screen, limited computing ability and capacity of storage, can not browse normal Web page comfortably. A new effective P2P collaborative mode for mobile Web surfing is proposed that mobile users can collaborative browse a normal rich Web page designed for PC. Firstly, a layered Web page adaptation engine is designed for the(More)
In this paper, we design a set of multi-objective constrained optimization problems (MCOPs) and propose a new repair operator to address them. The proposed repair operator is used to fix the solutions that violate the box constraints. More specifically, it employs a reversed correction strategy that can effectively avoid the population falling into local(More)
—Through analysis, we point out Luo et al.'s and Sun et al.'s signcryption-based concurrent signature schemes have the same defect in ambiguity and therefore the fair exchange protocols based on their schemes are not fair. Thus based on the notions of signcryption and concurrent signature, a new signcryption-based concurrent signature scheme from bilinear(More)
In this paper, we propose a general toolkit to construct constrained multi-objective optimisation problems (CMOPs) with three different kinds of constraint functions. Based on this toolkit, we suggested eight constrained multi-objective optimisation problems named CMOP1-CMOP8. As the ratio of feasible regions in the whole search space determines the(More)
Detecting the optic disk (OD) is very important in the fundus image analysis. In this paper, we propose a new OD detection algorithm consisting of four main steps: first, obtaining the sub-image which includes the OD from the fundus image based on the saliency map; second, generating the super-pixel from the sub-image with a simple linear iterative(More)