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BACKGROUND An active capsule endoscope (ACE) will consume much more energy than can be power by batteries. Its orientation and position are always undetermined when it continues the natural way down the gastrointestinal track. METHODS In order to deliver stable and sufficient energy to ACE safely, a wireless power transmission system based on inductive(More)
Physical development in Chinese school children was analysed based on a national survey in 1985. Close to half a million children and adolescents, aged 7-18, from Han ethnic group and 27 minority ethnic groups were assessed for height, weight, sitting-height, chest circumference, biacromial and biiliac diameters. Growth in Han children was greater than that(More)
A wireless energy transmission system using a Helmholtz primary coil outside and a 3-dimensional secondary coil inside the body is introduced. It is designed to transmit stable power to a gastrointestinal microsystem regardless of its position and orientation when working in the gastric tract. Up to 310 mW of usable DC power can be delivered under(More)
In order to deliver power to the capsule endoscope, whose position and orientation are always changing when traveling along the alimentary tract, a wireless power transmission system based on electromagnetic coupling was proposed. The system is composed of Helmholtz transmitting coil and three-dimensional receiving coil. Helmholtz coil outside the body(More)
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