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Simulation of paleotectonic stress fields within Paleogene shale reservoirs and prediction of favorable zones for fracture development within the Zhanhua Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, east China
Abstract Objective Tectonic fractures are the most important reservoir spaces within shale reservoirs and can significantly improve the permeability of a reservoir, the development and distributionExpand
Sequence stratigraphy of the Upper Jurassic mixed siliciclastic-carbonate deposits in the North German Basin (Lower Saxony, Hildesheimer Wald)
The Wendhausen-6 core, drilled in the Hildesheimer Wald, 30 km SE of Hannover, provides an insight into the Oxfordian deposits of the North German Basin consisting of the Ornatenton, Heersum, andExpand
Distribution Characteristics and Enrichment Model of Germanium in Coal: An Example from the Yimin Coalfield, Hailar Basin, China
As a rare and dispersed element, germanium cannot form independent ore deposits but can be enriched in coal and sphalerite. The target of this research is the Cretaceous Ge-rich coal seam of theExpand
Mesogenetic diagenesis of the Ordovician limestone in Yubei area, Tarim Basin, NW China
The Lower Ordovician succession, consisting of the Yingshan and Penglaiba formations, encompasses significant petroleum reservoirs in Yubei area, southwest Tarim Basin. Mesogenetic dissolution andExpand