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Cucurbitacins are a class of triterpenoids widely distributed in plant kingdom with potent anti-cancer activities both in vitro and in vivo by inducing cycle arrest, autophagy, and apoptosis. Cucurbitacin B (Cuc B), could induce S or G2/M cell cycle arrest in cancer cells while the detailed mechanisms remain to be clear. This study was designed to precisely(More)
Psoralidin (PSO), a natural furanocoumarin, is isolated from Psoralea corylifolia L. possessing anti-cancer properties. However, the mechanisms of its effects remain unclear. Herein, we investigated its anti-proliferative effect and potential approaches of action on human lung cancer A549 cells. Cell proliferation and death were measured by MTT and LDH(More)
Detection of fluorescence from a low quantum yield fluorophore is challenging for a fiber-optic probe, especially when an inexpensive and robust construction is desired. We propose a conceptually straightforward theoretical model to optimize the factors affecting the fluorescence-capture capability of a bifurcated/coaxial fiber-optic probe. Experimentally(More)
Tanshinones are a group of bioactive constituents isolated from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge, a widely prescribed traditional Chinese herb. In the current study, the anticancer properties of total tanshinones (TDT) were evaluated using 95D lung cancer cells. Tanshinone IIA was identified as the main component of TDT. Compared with tanshinone IIA, TDT showed(More)
Cucurbitacin B (Cuc B) is a natural product with potent anti-cancer activities in solid tumors. We investigated the anti-cancer effect of Cuc B on K562 leukemia cells. Cuc B drastically decreased cell viability in a concentration-dependent manner. Cuc B treatment caused DNA damage, as shown by long tails in the comet assay and increased γH2AX protein(More)
Cryptotanshinone (CTS), a natural product isolated from Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge, demonstrates anticancer effect. Previous reports showed that CTS induced caspase-independent cell death. Here, we reported that CTS induced pro-death autophagy in human lung cancer cells. CTS inhibited the proliferation of A549 cells in a time- and concentration- dependent(More)
We reveal that the overall evanescent wave (EW) power captured by an unclad multimode fiber employed in a sensing configuration is determined by the tunneling modes, not the guided modes. While enormous in strength, most of this power is inaccessible using traditional EW power enhancers. However, we found that by roughening the fiber end face, this(More)
Preadipocytes initiate differentiation into adipocytes through a cascade of events. Mitotic clonal expansion, as one of the earliest events, is essential for adipogenesis. However, the underlying mechanisms that regulate mitotic clonal expansion remain elusive. SIRT6 is a member of the evolutionarily conserved sirtuin family of nicotinamide adenine(More)
A two-fiber probe interrogated by a spectrometer for the measurement of fluorescence emitted from a thin layer of membrane is investigated. For a specific spectrometer, an optimum fiber probe design exists to maximize the sample-probe-spectrometer system performance. In this paper, for the first time, we report that by separating the front end faces of the(More)
Food security is chronically guaranteed in Egypt because of the food subsidy policy of the country. However, the increasing Egyptian population is straining the food supply. To study changes in Egyptian food security and future food supply capacity, we analysed the historical grain production, yield per unit, grain-cultivated area, and per capita grain(More)