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—The microwave backscattering of the sea surface is investigated with the wedge-shaped breaking waves for the super events at low grazing angles (LGA). According to the relationship between the wave breaking and the whitecap, the finite three-dimensional wedges are utilized to approximately model the breaking waves, of which the spatial distribution is(More)
—The composite backscattering of the ship model on sea surface is investigated with the spilling breaking waves and ship bow waves. The spilling breakers are approximately modeled with the wedge-like waves, and the ship bow waves are simulated based on the Kelvin model. With the modified four-path model, each scattering component is evaluated with the high(More)
The cyanobacteria community dynamics in two eutrophic freshwater bodies (Tiegang Reservoir and Shiyan Reservoir) was studied with both a traditional microscopic counting method and a PCR-DGGE genotyping method. Results showed that cyanobacterium Phormidium tenue was the predominant species; twenty-six cyanobacteria species were identified in water samples(More)
Ultrasonic guided wave inspection is much more efficient than traditional point-by-point examination. Guided waves can propagate over long distances from a single position, and therefore is a good method of evaluating thickness degradation, especially for large-area structures such as pipes and vessels. In this paper, guided wave thickness measurement(More)
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