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Apples should be quickly and correctly detected from their surroundings for the apple harvesting robot. The basic color feature was extracted from FuJi apple tree images and analyzed by the statistical analysis method. Accordingly, a new apple detection method was proposed to position the centroid of picking apples. The color difference was used to segment(More)
This paper briefly described the general production of intelligent agricultural machine in precision agriculture. It summarized the basic principle and the application in precision agricultural demonstration field of those agricultural machines, which mainly included wheat variable ferti-seeder, yield distribution information acquiring system, variable(More)
The apple harvesting robot should have two eyes to sensor the location of picking apples. The binocular machine vision system used two Canon digital cameras was built, instead of digital video used as usual. Thus, the digital camera vision system had higher resolution and superior performance than a digital video vision system, which could capture a Jpeg(More)
Weed detection is a key problem of spot spraying that could reduce the herbicide usage. Spectral information of plants is very useful to detect weeds in real-time for the fast response time. However, the cost of an imaging spectrograph-based weed detection system is too high. Therefore, the main objective of this study was to explore a method to classify(More)
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