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A practical wide-field Raman imaging method with high spectral and spatial resolution.
A practical wide-field Raman imaging platform is developed that shows major improvements on imaging speed, sensitivity, and resolution and is anticipated to be widely applied in scientific research fields. Expand
Comparative study of full-scale thin double-layered annulus beds loaded with ZrCo, Zr0.8Hf0.2Co and Zr0.8Ti0.2Co for recovery and delivery of hydrogen isotopes
Abstract Metal hydride bed is a necessary component for deuterium–tritium fusion energy under development in International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER), which is used for rapid and safeExpand
Enhanced hydrogen storage properties of LiBH4 modified by NbF5
Abstract In this work, the hydriding–dehydriding properties of the LiBH4–NbF5 mixtures were investigated. It was found that the dehydrogenation and reversibility properties of LiBH4 wereExpand
Effects and mechanism of Ti, Ni, Sc, Fe substitution on the thermal stability of zirconium cobalt–hydrogen system
Abstract ZrCo alloys with Ti, Sc, Ni, Fe substitution (Zr 0.8 Ti 0.2 Co, Zr 0.8 Sc 0.2 Co, ZrCo 0.8 Ni 0.2 , ZrCo 0.8 Fe 0.2 ) were prepared via arc-melting method, and then products before and afterExpand
Luminescence of Ce3 +/Tb3 + ions in lithium–magnesium aluminosilicate glasses
Abstract Novel Ce 3 + -doped, Tb 3 + -doped, Ce 3 + /Tb 3 + -codoped 30Li 2 O 10MgO 5Al 2 O 3 55SiO 2 glass scintillators with relatively short emission feature have been synthesized byExpand
A theoretical study of hydrogen atoms adsorption and diffusion on PuO2 (110) surface
Abstract The mechanisms of adsorption and diffusion of hydrogen atoms on the PuO2 (110) surface are investigated by density functional theory corrected for onsite Coulombic interactions (GGA + U). InExpand
Effects of temperature and hydrogen pressure on the activation behavior of ZrCo
Abstract Fast and efficient activation of ZrCo is beneficial to promote its application to hydrogen isotopes storage in the fusion energy field. To obtain the optimum activation procedures, theExpand
Amorphous NiFe phosphides supported on nanoarray-structured nitrogen-doped carbon paper for high-performance overall water splitting
Abstract The exploration of high-performance and low-cost electrocatalysts for catalyzing both hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction (HER and OER) at high current density is of vital significanceExpand
Comprehensive hydrogen storage properties and catalytic mechanism studies of 2LiBH4–MgH2 system with NbF5 in various addition amounts
Abstract In the present work, the role of NbF 5 addition amount in affecting the comprehensive hydrogen storage properties (dehydrogenation, rehydrogenation, cycling performance, hydrogen capacity)Expand
Nanoarray-structured nitrogen-doped graphite foil as the support of NiFe layered double hydroxides for enhancing oxygen evolution reaction
Abstract An ideal carbon support, nanoarray-structured nitrogen-doped graphite foil (NNGF), is facilely prepared via a nitrogen plasma procedure of commercial graphite foil (GFL). After plasmaExpand