Wenhua Jia

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Variable block size motion estimation (VBS-ME) is one of the contributors to H.264/AVC's excellent coding efficiency. Due to its high computational complexity, however, VBS-ME needs acceleration for real-time high-resolution applications. This paper proposes a high throughput and cost efficient VLSI architecture for integer full-search VBS-ME in H.264/AVC.(More)
The A and B chains of insulin combine to form native disulfide bridges without detectable isomers. The fidelity of chain combination thus recapitulates the folding of proinsulin, a precursor protein in which the two chains are tethered by a disordered connecting peptide. We have recently shown that chain combination is blocked by seemingly conservative(More)
(b) * * Figure 2. The pipeline of printing. (a) Original printing pipeline (b) Modified printing pipeline. *halftone image data Abstract— This paper presents a new algorithm for improving the qualities of edge in halftone image. The algorithm is designed to diminish discontinuous and jaggy artifact on edges of halftone image without original image data. And(More)
Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) methods usually adopt color, texture and structure as image feature vector. Recent research indicates that since these features are not exactly associated with image semantic meaning, Query-By-One-Example (QBOE), which means to query with only one image, usually is insufficient to achieve good performance. Thus,(More)
Defects coming from processing and assembly inevitably bring geometric and concentricity error to the fitting gap between valve core and frame. To overcome this problem, grooving was proven to be the most simple and effective method to reduce the hydraulic clamping force, and widely used on cylinder valve cores. Theoretically unbalanced forces kept going(More)
Using Weierstrass-Mandelbrot (W-M) function, characterization is done on the microscopic surface contours, structure function and scale consistent with a power-law relationship. The Weierstrass-Mandelbrot function is introduced to characterize the surface spool's microscopic surface. It can be certificated by the structure function and scale consistent with(More)