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Content-based image retrieval (CBIR) methods usually adopt color, texture and structure as image feature vector. Recent research indicates that since these features are not exactly associated with image semantic meaning, Query-By-One-Example (QBOE), which means to query with only one image, usually is insufficient to achieve good performance. Thus,(More)
The A and B chains of insulin combine to form native disulfide bridges without detectable isomers. The fidelity of chain combination thus recapitulates the folding of proinsulin, a precursor protein in which the two chains are tethered by a disordered connecting peptide. We have recently shown that chain combination is blocked by seemingly conservative(More)
The existing method of contour-based font description is difficult to meet the personalized need for various style font generations because of the large size of Chinese character set. In this paper, we propose a novel glyph description method which treats the Chinese character as a constitution of the stable part called "structure" and the mutable part(More)
This paper presents a new algorithm for improving the qualities of edge in halftone image. The algorithm is designed to diminish discontinuous and jaggy artifact on edges of halftone image without original image data. And our proposed algorithm does not depend on the special halftoning scheme since no inverse halftoning is included. It provides a possible(More)
Approximate normal parameter reduction of fuzzy soft set is an important problem in fuzzy soft set. While approximate reduction is a combinatorial optimization problem, and harmony search algorithm is a good method to deal with combinatorial optimization problem. Therefore, in this paper we discuss approximate normal parameter reduction of fuzzy soft set(More)
A bent-tip optical angular displacement sensor was designed. The output function of the bent-tip fiber gained based on the bent-tip optical bundle structure analyzing. Effects of spacing p and angular α on receiving optical fiber bundle and the transmitting fiber was simulated, and the displacement h of transmitting fiber from reflect surface impact(More)
Intuitionistic fuzzy sets think about both true membership degree and false membership degree, which makes it have stronger ability to tackle uncertain information, but it has the defect that cannot dynamically deal with membership degree of investigated subjects, so this paper introduces the concept of sequence intuitionistic fuzzy soft sets and analyses(More)