Wenhua Han

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Dempster’s combination rule can only be applied to independent bodies of evidence. One occurrence of dependence between two bodies of evidence is when they result from a common source. This paper proposes an improved method for combining dependent bodies of evidence which takes the significance of the common information sources into consideration. The(More)
Particle swarm optimization (PSO) is one of the modern heuristic algorithms. PSO has attracted great attention due to its features of easy implementation, robustness to control parameters and computation efficiency compared with other existing heuristic algorithms. The performance of a PSO can depend on its parameters such as the inertia weight factors and(More)
Magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection is one of the most important and sensitive nondestructive testing approaches. For online MFL inspection of a long-range railway track or oil pipeline, a fast and effective defect profile estimating method based on a multi-power affine projection algorithm (MAPA) is proposed, where the depth of a sampling point is(More)
In this paper, efficient managing particle swarm optimization (EMPSO) for high dimension problem is proposed to estimate defect profile from magnetic flux leakage (MFL) signal. In the proposed EMPSO, in order to strengthen exchange of information among particles, particle pair model was built. For more efficient searching when facing different landscapes of(More)
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