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Research of sentence orientation is aim to obtain the useful orientation information, it becomes a research focus in the nature language processing, especially in Micro-blog. Based on the existed How Net semantic similarity, this paper presents a sentence orientation identification method taking advantage of an improved algorithm for calculating Chinese(More)
Ideas and opinions of peoples are influenced by the opinions of other peoples. Lot of research is going on analysis of reviews given by peoples. Sentiment analysis is the major computational technique to calculate or observe sentiments of people's thoughts. Therefore, a method that assigns scores indicating positive and negative opinion about the(More)
Micro-blog is one of the most popular network platform for expressing opinions and suggestions by users. Therefore, micro-blog sentimental orientation is particularly important for information retrieval, information security and automatic abstracting. In this paper, we introduce method for building micro-blog semantic lexicon. Massive data of micro-blog(More)
Text sentimental mining is aim to obtain the orientation information of text, and studying users' opinion is relevant because through it concerned departments could make correct responses. In this paper, we introduce methods to discriminatively learn semantic comprehension for use as features in text classification. Based on the existed HowNet Knowledge, we(More)
In this paper, a gesture-based editing system is proposed for the recognition of on-line handwritten chemical expressions. We put forward a set of operations, including eleven independent gestures, which are easy to recognize and quick to learn. In gesture recognition section, we propose a two-tier classification, which deals with the global as well as the(More)
A lot of work has been done to design algorithms that utilize three or more anchors to locate the unknownposition sensor nodes. In this paper, we propose a new sensor network node localization technique based on incremental LMS (least mean squared) distributed estimation algorithm with variable step size. In our network topology, the location-aware anchor(More)
At present, word sentimental orientation identification researches mainly fall into two categories: Machine learning and semantic comprehension, machine learning seems to work in specific-field words, but cannot handle general-field words effectively, and semantic comprehension also cannot get ideal scores at precision and recall, therefore, we put forward(More)
Feature extraction from images, which are typical of high dimensionality, is crucial to the recognition performance. To explore the discriminative information while depressing the intra-class variations due to variable illumination and view conditions, we propose a factor analysis framework for separate “content” from “style,” identifying a familiar face(More)
Face Super-Resolution (SR) is the process of producing a high-resolution face image from a set of low-resolution face images. Most existing dictionary learning based algorithms suffer a high degree of computational complexity and noise sensitivity. To solve this problem, we proposed a novel face SR method based on non-local similarity and multi-scale linear(More)
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