Wenhua Chen

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In this paper, we consider a two-way or bi-directional communications system with a relay equipped with multiple antennas. We show that when the downlink channel state information is not known at the relay, the benefit of having additional antennas at the relay can only be obtained by using decode and forward (DF) but not amplify and forward (AF). The gain(More)
BACKGROUND China ranks second among the 22 high burden countries for tuberculosis. A modeling exercise showed that reduction of indoor air pollution could help advance tuberculosis control in China. However, the association between indoor air pollution and tuberculosis is not yet well established. A case control study was conducted in Anhui, China to(More)
Although a few studies have been conducted, it is still unclear whether the apolipoprotein E (APOE) polymorphism is associated with maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max) after exercise training. The objective of this study was to examine if the APOE gene polymorphisms affect VO2max after exercise training in Chinese young adult. A total of 360 Chinese young adult(More)
Background. This study examined whether simplified Tai Chi resistance training is superior to traditional Tai Chi in slowing bone loss in postmenopausal women. Methods. This prospective trial included 119 postmenopausal women (age: 52-65 years). Subjects were randomly assigned to participate in a traditional Tai Chi program (TTC, n = 40), a simplified Tai(More)
A novel polarized nano-material (PNM) textile is fabricated and characterized at Ka-band (26.5 to 40 GHz) by rectangular waveguide measurements for three different polarization schemes (crossed, horizontal, and vertical polarized samples). Since carbon nanotubes were found to be ultra sensitive to different gases at extremely low concentration, a very(More)
This paper addresses the computation of frequency responses of plants with uncertain parameters using symbolic computation. A computation-ally tractable procedure is developed based on a Jocobian-like technique where a general uncertain structure including nonlinear can be dealt with. This procedure is applied to computing the frequency responses of a(More)