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OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between serum gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) and risk for development of diabetes. DESIGN Longitudinal study (followed from 1994 to 2001). SETTING A work site in Japan. SUBJECTS A total of 2918 Japanese male office workers aged 35-59 years who did not have impaired fasting glucose (IFG) (a fasting plasma(More)
Mobile devices are frequently used as terminals to interact with many security-critical services such as mobile payment and online banking. However, the large client software stack and the continuous proliferation of malware expose such interaction under various threats, including passive attacks like phishing and active ones like direct code manipulation.(More)
BACKGROUND Recent studies have suggested that vitamin D deficiency in children is widespread. But the vitamin D status of Chinese children is seldom investigated. The objective of the present study was to survey the serum levels of 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D] in more than 6,000 children aged 1 month to 16 years in Hangzhou (latitude: 30°N), the capital of(More)
Large A- and small B-starch granules separated from hard red and soft red winter wheat grains were investigated for their morphological, structural, and physicochemical properties. A-granules displayed a disk or lenticular shape, and B-granules showed a spherical or polygonal shape according to SEM. XRD analysis showed that both A- and B-granules had A-type(More)
In order to identify factors affecting cationic liposome-mediated gene transfer, the relationships were examined among cationic liposome/DNA complex (lipoplex)-cell interactions, lipoplex size and lipoplex-mediated transfection (lipofection) efficiency. It was found that lipofection efficiency was determined mainly by lipoplex size, but not by the extent of(More)
Nowadays, large-scale Cloud-based applications have put forward higher demand for storage ability of data centres. Data in the Cloud need to be stored with high efficiency and cost effectiveness while meeting the requirement of reliability. While in current Cloud systems, typical 3-replicas data replication strategies are applied for data reliability, in(More)
Massive computation power and storage capacity of cloud computing systems allow scientists to deploy computation and data intensive applications without infrastructure investment, where large application data sets can be stored in the cloud. Based on the pay-as-you-go model, storage strategies and benchmarking approaches have been developed for(More)
In current Cloud computing environments, management of data reliability has become a challenge. For data-intensive scientific applications, storing data in the Cloud with the typical 3-replica replication strategy for managing the data reliability would incur huge storage cost. To address this issue, in this paper we present a novel cost-effective data(More)
Due to the dynamic nature of cloud computing, how to achieve satisfactory QoS (Quality of Service) in cloud workflow systems becomes a challenge. Meanwhile, since QoS requirements have many dimensions, a unified system design for different QoS management components is required to reduce the system complexity and software development cost. Therefore, this(More)
Mobile advertisement (ad for short) is a major financial pillar for developers to provide free mobile apps. However, it is frequently thwarted by ad fraud, where rogue code tricks <i>ad providers</i> by forging ad display or user clicks, or both. With the mobile ad market growing drastically (e.g., from $8.76 billion in 2012 to $17.96 billion in 2013), it(More)