Wenhao Gui

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Computing1 two-way and multi-way set similarities is a fundamental problem. This study focuses on estimating 3-way resemblance (Jaccard similarity) using b-bit minwise hashing. While traditional minwise hashing methods store each hashed value using 64 bits, b-bit minwise hashing only stores the lowest b bits (where b ≥ 2 for 3-way). The extension to 3-way(More)
In this paper, a new class of Log-Logistic distribution using MarshallOlkin transformation is introduced. Its characterization and statistical properties are obtained. The proposed model extends the Log-Logistic distribution and is more flexible. Using the proposed model, we construct an autoregressive model and investigate its minification structure.(More)
In this paper, we introduce a new compounding distribution, named the LindleyPoisson distribution. We investigate its characterization and statistical properties. The maximum likelihood inference using EM algorithm is developed. Asymptotic properties of the MLEs are discussed and simulation studies are performed to assess the performance of parameter(More)
By using themethods of linear algebra andmatrix inequality theory, we obtain the characterization of admissible estimators in the general multivariate linear model with respect to inequality restricted parameter set. In the classes of homogeneous and general linear estimators, the necessary and suffcient conditions that the estimators of regression(More)
In this paper, we consider the problem of estimating stress-strength reliability for inverse Weibull lifetime models having the same shape parameters but different scale parameters. We obtain the maximum likelihood estimator and its asymptotic distribution. Since the classical estimator doesn’t hold explicit forms, we propose an approximate maximum(More)
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