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SDGR: An SDN-Based Geographic Routing Protocol for VANET
A novel SDN-based geographic routing protocol for VANET, based on node location, vehicles density and digital map is proposed, which performs much better than related routing protocols in terms of both packet delivery ratio and delivery delay time. Expand
Attack-defense trees based cyber security analysis for CPSs
The effectiveness of the proposed approach is evaluated by a set of metrics like probability of success, attack and defense cost and the impact of an attack, and two economic factors (ROA and ROI) are introduced to evaluate the performance of ADTree. Expand
A Test Suite Reduction Approach to Improving the Effectiveness of Fault Localization
This approach extracts the high suspicious statements in the faulty program and removes the coincidental passed test cases for test suite selection, and determines the final composition of each similar test set based on the contribution of failed test cases to fault localization. Expand
Test Case Prioritization Approach to Improving the Effectiveness of Fault Localization
A new test case prioritization algorithm is proposed, which is based on the rank changes of suspicious values of program elements, which can help reduce the debugging effort in terms of the percentage of statements needed to be inspected to locate faults in both single-fault and multi-f fault programs. Expand
A Regression Test Case Prioritization Algorithm Based on Program Changes and Method Invocation Relationship
A new test case prioritization algorithm based on program changes and method (function) invocation relationship is proposed that reduces the prioritization problem to an integer linear programming (ILP) problem, and finally prioritizes test cases according to their fault detection capabilities. Expand
Developing an Effective Repatriation Strategy for MNC: A Model and Tools for International Human Resource Management
With the increasing movement of employees across national boundaries comes a stronger focus on the needs of repatriates of multinational corporations. These workers have needs that are oftenExpand