Wengdong Zhang

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PSR B0540−69 is one of a small handful of pulsars known to emit giant pulses and the only extra-galactic pulsar known to do so. We observed the pulsar for a total of 72 h over a 6 month interval and detected 141 giant pulses. We have obtained correct phasing between the radio arrival times of the giant pulses and the X-ray pulse profile. The giant pulses(More)
Recently introduced studies of the spatial characteristics of spin dynamics in dipolarly coupled solids rely upon NMR probes with strong magnetic field gradients to create spatial magnetization gratings with periods of from 1 micron to 1 nm. The measurements are carried out as scattering experiments where the spatial displacement of spin coherence is(More)
The resonant tunneling diode (RTD) has been applied to some kinds of microsensors and actuators .These sensors are based on the RTD with a frequency output. The oscillate circuit based on the RTD is the more importance factor on sensitivities and stability of the sensors .In this paper , two kinds of oscillator circuit are introduced, the principle function(More)
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