Wengang Hu

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A distortion correction method for a fisheye image is proposed based on the virtual small-field (SF) camera. The correction experiment is carried out, and a comparison is made between the proposed method and the conventional global correction method. From the experimental results, the corrected image by this method satisfies the law of perspective(More)
According to the high-speed, continuous data acquisition of OTDR applied research based on FPGA. The data acquisition system will help improve the OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) signal to noise ratio, stability, reduce inter-code interference, Especially the implementation of the signal high-speed, continuous data processing capabilities.The(More)
An optical time domain reflectometer(OTDR) using appropriate encoding light pulses as probe signals can has much better performance than conventional OTDR , for example, improve the measure dynamic range but not reduce the resolution, reduce the required measurement time and so on. This paper present application study of one zero correlation window(More)
Compare LM algorithm in reference to the iteration because of slow convergence speed,low convergence precision,poor stability,easy to get bad data influence each other about the Weighted Least Squares. This paper introduces the LM algorithm of based on Weighted Least Squares. The algorithm is applied to Brillouin scattering spectra information processing.(More)
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