Weng Kei Wong

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OBJECTIVE Excessive consumption of discretionary foods/beverages in the Australian population has been identified, increasing the risk of obesity and chronic disease. The present study aimed to examine the associations between demographic, anthropometric and dietary factors and the consumption of discretionary foods, discretionary beverages and(More)
Data on 134 consecutive nickel-sensitive subjects attending our contact dermatitis clinic were analysed. The female to male ratio was 8 to 1, with a mean age at presentation of 35 years for women and 53 years for men. Hand dermatitis occurred in 49% of patients and in 70% of men. It was usually preceeded by jewellery or metal contact dermatitis for some(More)
A simple micro-computer program was used to analyse the results of testing 501 consecutive patients attending a patch test clinic. 64% of males and 71% of females had positive tests; 17% of males and 12% of females had occupational dermatitis; 16% of males and 15% of females had irritant contact dermatitis; and 13% of males and 19% of females had a history(More)
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