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Stat3 is activated by phosphorylation on Tyr-705, which leads to dimer formation, nuclear translocation, and regulation of gene expression. Serine phosphorylation of Stat3 by mitogen-activated protein kinase has also been observed in cells responding to epidermal growth factor and shown to affect its tyrosine phosphorylation and transcriptional activity.(More)
STAT proteins are a family of latent transcription factors that mediate the response to various cytokines and growth factors. Upon stimulation by cytokines, STAT proteins are recruited to the receptors via their SH2 domains, phosphorylated on a specific tyrosine, dimerized, and translocated into the nucleus, where they bind specific DNA sequences and(More)
We evaluated an anti-inflammatory enzyme drug Danzen (Serrapeptase: Takeda Chemical Industries, Ltd.) on 70 patients complaining of breast engorgement. These patients were randomly divided into 2 groups, a treatment group and a placebo group. A single observer, unaware of the group the patients were in, assessed the severity of each of the symptoms and(More)
The effect of breast stimulation on cervical ripening was studied. One hundred patients who had completed 38 weeks' gestation and had uncomplicated antenatal courses were recruited and divided into two groups: treatment and control. In the treatment group, gentle breast stimulation of alternate breasts was performed first for 1.5 hours under monitoring in(More)
Bayesian D-optimal designs supported on a xed number of points were found by Dette and Wong (1998) for estimating parameters in a polynomial model when the error variance depends exponentially on the explanatory variable. This work provides optimal designs under a broader class of error variance structures and investigates the robustness properties of these(More)
We construct optimal designs for estimating fetal malformation rate, prenatal death rate and an overall toxicity index in a toxicology study under a broad range of model assumptions. We use Weibull distributions to model these rates and assume that the number of implants depend on the dose level. We study properties of the optimal designs when the(More)
Toxicologists have been increasingly using a class of models to describe a continuous response in the last few years. This class consists of nested nonlinear models and is used for estimating various parameters in the models or some meaningful function of the model parameters. Our work here is the first to address design issues for this popular class of(More)
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