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MIL-101 supported highly active single-site metal catalysts for tricomponent coupling
Abstract Metal-organic frameworks with regular pore structures provide powerful platforms for the design of single-site metal catalysts for chemical transformation. In this paper, we develop aExpand
A Facile and Versatile "Click" Approach Toward Multifunctional Ionic Metal-organic Frameworks for Efficient Conversion of CO2.
A new, facile and versatile synthetic approach has been used to fabricate triazolium-based IMOFs for the first time that are efficient and recyclable heterogeneous catalysts for CO2 conversion under mild and cocatalyst-free conditions. Expand
Fluorescence Turn-On Response Amplified by Space Confinement in Metal-Organic Frameworks.
A "two-in-one" strategy is utilized to prepare ionic metal-organic frameworks functionalized with the cationic bipyridinium receptors at the frameworks and anionic fluorescent indicators in the pores to prepare sensitive fluorescence turn-on response to specific substances. Expand
MIL-101(Cr)-SO3Ag: An efficient catalyst for solvent-free A3 coupling reactions
Abstract An Ag(I)-functionalized MOF, MIL-101-SO3Ag, was synthesized and demonstrated to be an efficient and environmentally friendly catalyst for the syntheses of propargylamines through A3 couplingExpand
Graphite paste electrodes modified with a sulfo-functionalized metal-organic framework (type MIL-101) for voltammetric sensing of dopamine
It is concluded that the sulfo group provides open sites for efficient electrostatic and hydrogen bonding interactions, which facilitates electron transfer in graphite paste electrodes modified with sulfo-MIL-101 and the parent MOF. Expand
TMSOTf mediated stereoselective synthesis of α-C-glycosides from unactivated aryl acetylenes
A metal free and highly stereoselective procedure for the synthesis of 2,3-unsaturated-C-glycosides has been developed between glycals and unactivated aryl acetylenes in the presence of TMSOTfExpand
Sulfonic-functionalized MIL-101 as bifunctional catalyst for cyclohexene oxidation
Abstract Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are newly emerging and versatile platforms for designing catalysts, and catalytic oxidation of cyclohexene has attracted much academic and industrialExpand
Copper(I)-modified covalent organic framework for CO2 insertion to terminal alkynes
Abstract The carboxylation of terminal alkynes with CO2 is an attractive route for CO2 fixation and conversion, and various homogeneous Cu(I) catalysts have been explored for the reaction. However,Expand