Wenfu Xu

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Due to failure of mechanisms to deploy, some large communication satellites lost their ability and resulted in huge economic cost. A space robotic system is expected to perform the on-orbit repairing mission. It is a tremendous challenge to navigate a space robot in final approach since the targets are generally non-cooperative. Rectangle features, which(More)
The failures of GEO (Geostationary Orbit) spacecrafts will result in large economic cost and other bad impacts. In this paper, we propose a space robotic servicing concept, and present the design of the corresponding system. The system consists of a 7-DOF redundant manipulator, a 2-DOF docking mechanism, a set of stereo vision and general subsystems of a(More)
On-orbit rescuing uncontrolled spinning satellite (USS) using space robot is a great challenge for future space service. The paper mainly presents a trajectory planning method of space manipulator that can track, approach and catch the USS in free-floating situation. According to the motion characteristics of USS, we plan a spiral ascending trajectory for(More)
In space environment, the power supply for space manipulator is limited because of lower ratio of the solar array. Therefore, the space manipulator's trajectory should be optimum so that the torque of manipulator can be minimized in order to save the power. This paper presents a minimum-torque path planning scheme for space manipulator. In this formulation,(More)