Wenfei Wei

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A space-confined "sauna" reaction system is introduced for the simultaneous reduction and functionalization of graphene oxide to unique graphene-sulfur hybrid nanosheets, in which thin layers of amorphous sulfur are tightly anchored on the graphene sheet via strong chemical bonding. Upon being used as the cathode material in lithium-sulfur batteries, the(More)
Sulfur is an attractive cathode material with a high specific capacity of 1675 mA h g , but its rapid capacity decay due to polysulfide dissociation presents a significant technical challenge. Here, we present the fabrication of a TiO2/S composite cathode by encapsulating elemental sulfur into TiO2 nanotube hosts for high performance lithium–sulfur(More)
Owing to its ultrahigh specific capacity and low electrochemical potential, lithium (Li) metal is regarded as one of the most attractive anode materials for next-generation lithium batteries. Nevertheless, the commercialization of Li-metal-based rechargeable batteries (LiMBs) has been retarded by the uncontrollable growth of Li dendrites, as well as the(More)
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