Wenecjanusz Domagala

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Expression patterns of cathepsin D (lysosomal aspartic protease) and glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP, a marker of reactive astroglia) were determined by Northern blot analysis and immunohistochemistry in the rat brain during neurodegeneration accompanying kainate-evoked seizures. The level of cathepsin D mRNA in the hippocampus, limbic cortex, and(More)
Recent findings raise the possibility of PARP inhibitor therapy in colorectal cancers (CRCs). However, the extent of PARP-1 protein expression in clinical specimens of CRC is not known. Using immunohistochemistry we assessed PARP-1 protein expression in tissue microarrays of 151 CRCs and its association with the patient's age, sex, Astler-Coller stage,(More)
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