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We investigated whether left-hemisphere arachnoid cysts lead to reorganization of the language function using PET. A group analysis demonstrated that patients showed no more right-hemisphere activation than a matched control group. Several patients had clear language localizations in the left hemisphere during language comprehension; none of the patients(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the prevalence of prescription medication misuse among adolescents with severe mental health problems in Ontario, Canada, and to explore some of the factors that influence the misuse of prescription medication. Data were obtained from the Resident Assessment Instrument for Mental Health. A total of 2,677 adolescents(More)
Little is known about discharge against medical advice (DAMA) among adolescents with mental health problems. The objective of this study was to examine the prevalence of DAMA and provide some insight into the factors that influence DAMA among adolescents with mental health problems using a large dataset from Ontario, Canada. Data on 1811 adolescents aged(More)
OBJECTIVE Although many studies have consistently found that early-childhood adversities are important risk factors for physical and mental health problems later in adulthood, few have examined the association between early-childhood adversities and troubled sleep. The objective of this study was to examine the association between early-childhood(More)
OBJECTIVE This study examined the validity and reliability of the Brief Child and Family Phone Interview (BCFPI) in a sample of high-risk, high-need children and youth admitted to a tertiary residential psychiatric facility. This is the first validation study of the BCFPI with children and youth functioning at the extreme clinical range. METHOD(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the independent protective effect of subjective well-being on severe psychological distress among adult Canadians with a history of child maltreatment. Data for this study were obtained from the 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey-Mental Health (CCHS-MH). A sample of 8126 respondents aged 20-69 years old who(More)
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