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A comparison of PPD-S and RT 23 was carried out in three pairs of population groups. Tuberculin sensitivity was thought to have resulted, in one of each pair, almost entirely from infection with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, and in the other, from the diverse causes operating in the United States of America. Among persons with specific tuberculin sensitivity,(More)
A pproximately 5 per cent of patients with primary coccidioidomycosis, accompanied by pulmonary involvement, are left with residual lesions of the lung. These consist of nodules, abscesses, and cavities. Most are chronic, persistent lesions that change very slowly. They are locally destructive of tissue, and they can go on to suppuration, or enlargement,(More)
In a matter of months, we have witnessed the meteoric rise and fall of e-commerce. Now that the dust is settling, it is time to examine how some companies are succeeding where others have failed. In this paper I suggest that good web design is vital to e-business and that pathos (emotional appeal) plays a key role in a design's persuasive power. Advertisers(More)
In the preceding pages we have presented evidence which we believe furnishes new light on the disease process in avian tuberculosis. From a well known strain of avian tubercle bacillus, A(1), four variants have been dissociated, each manifesting distinct colony topography and physical and chemical characteristics. From these studies we have learned that the(More)
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