Wendy W N Wan

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Evolutionary psychologists have hypothesized that men and women possess both long-term and short-term mating strategies, with men's short-term strategy differentially rooted in the desire for sexual variety. In this article, findings from a cross-cultural survey of 16,288 people across 10 major world regions (including North America, South America, Western(More)
Gender differences in the dismissing form of adult romantic attachment were investigated as part of the International Sexuality Description Project—a survey study of 17,804 people from 62 cultural regions. Contrary to research findings previously reported in Western cultures, we found that men were not significantly more dismissing than women across all(More)
As part of the International Sexuality Description Project, 16,954 participants from 53 nations were administered an anonymous survey about experiences with romantic attraction. Mate poaching--romantically attracting someone who is already in a relationship--was most common in Southern Europe, South America, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe and was(More)
Correlations between scores on dispositional optimism and four categories of coping strategies for academic examinations for a group of 248 Hong Kong undergraduates were .25 for Self-encouragement and -.20 for Cognitive Avoidance. These results lend partial support to the association of adaptive coping and optimism, measured by the Life Orientation Test.
This paper begins by proposing a theory-driven, two-dimensional model of children's intent attributions for parental structuring behaviors. The two dimensions are parent-centered intents vs child-centered intents and instrumental goals vs social-emotional goals. These two dimensions imply four categories of intent attribution for parental structuring(More)
The present study developed a new scale to measure children's attributions of intentions for parental behaviors. The scale has 180 items (18 intentions that children may use to explain why parents perform each of 10 parental behaviors), and was administered to 1973 Chinese students (age range = 9-16 years; M = 12.5, SD = 1.70; 1024 boys and 949 girls).(More)
A posteriori information about the moral attributes of the victim of a crime can affect an observer's judgment on the culpability of the actor of the crime so that negative moral attributes of the victim will lead to a lower judgment of culpability. The authors found this effect of a posteriori information among 118 American and 123 Chinese participants,(More)
Similarity has been an important but ill-defined concept in social comparison theory. For social comparisons of competence, similarity should be defined within the same evaluative social context, for example, the same school for students or the same workplace for workers. 104 postsecondary school students, 96 full-time university students, and 81 part-time(More)
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