Wendy Truman

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Motorcycle accidents have somewhat different characteristics from accidents involving other classes of road user. They include in particular 'right of way' accidents, and accidents involving loss of control on curves or bends. A sample of 1790 accident cases was considered, including 1003 in detail, from UK midland police forces, involving motorcyclists of(More)
Young drivers, especially males, have relatively more accidents than other drivers. Young driver accidents also have somewhat different characteristics to those of other drivers; they include single vehicle accidents involving loss of control; excess speed for conditions; accidents during darkness; accidents on single carriageway rural roads; and accidents(More)
A sample of over 2000 crashes involving drivers aged 60 years or over was considered, from three UK midland police forces, from the years 1994-2007 inclusive. Each case was summarized on a database including the main objective features (such as time and place), a summary narrative, a sketch plan and a list of explanatory factors. The main findings were that(More)
Road traffic collisions while at work are the single largest cause of occupational fatality in the United Kingdom. Work-related road collisions do not comprise a homogenous group, but take many forms, encompassing the use of varying types of vehicle used for diverse purposes. A sample of over 2000 collision cases was considered, over 1000 in detail, from UK(More)
Road traffic accidents are responsible for over 3000 deaths per year in the UK, according to Department for Transport (2004a) figures. Although progress is being made in a number of areas, vehicle occupant fatalities have not been falling in line with casualty reduction targets for the year 2010. A sample of 1185 fatal vehicle occupant cases was considered,(More)
In absolute terms, young drivers have three to four times as many accidents per year as older drivers; and even allowing for their relative numbers in the population, their accident involvement is about 2.5 times higher than older drivers. A sample of 3437 accident reports was considered, including 1296 in detail, from midland police forces in the UK,(More)
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